Lelu! Yes! Available! Now! Happy! Wood! Toy!


LELU, the colorful wooden toy set.
Fun to play with & beautiful to look at

You can create people, animals, houses, or... how about a rocket?

Lelu is a beautiful wooden toy set for young and old alike. Created in a numbered edition of 250, we worked with the Czech company that produced the original Soviet Union-era toy that inspired Lelu.

All the contents are held by a cardboard box. Inside it is a jute bag with the 72 wooden parts as well as a double-sided risograph-printed poster – with all toy pieces used in the prints at real size. Now you can build a rocket, too.

The toy is made with child-safe colors and softened edges. The box the toy comes in is easily big enough to just shuffle the pieces back in after playing – easy use comes first. Available for $38 plus shipping. Lelu is a collaboration between Grilli Type and refurnished+.

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A beautiful, riso-printed book in eight colors. Designed by Reto Moser, it sports 26 ABC illustrations with writing by Regina Dürig. Everybody should learn a bit of German! Sowieso!

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Featuring in both of these projects is the upcoming typeface by Grilli Type, GT Eesti. It’s been designed by Reto Moser. GT Eesti will be available for licensing from early next year.